Car Detailing Myths You Should Avoid

Your car is probably one of the biggest investments you make in your life. Because of that, you want to protect it as much as possible. You want to maintain your car to keep it looking new. There are a lot of things you can do to achieve this. One of the most common ways is getting or hiring a car valet in Aberdeen.  

However, there are a couple of myths associated with car detailing. Today, we are going to talk about them: 

Only Wash When It is Dirty 

Almost every individual washes his or her vehicle only when there is visible dirt on the car. However, it is ideal to know what the dirt is slowly beginning to rip off the wax in your car. If the wax is completely removed, it will damage the finish of the paint. Because of this, you have to regularly wash your car.  

Wax Protection Can Last for a Couple of Years 

Unluckily, this is an old myth use to pitch sales. The lifespan of the wax greatly differs in the working conditions of your vehicle. It does not matter what the dealer or the manufacturers says. You need to keep this in mind. 

Waxing and Polishing are the Same 

There is a huge difference between polishing and waxing. Also, the difference is quite obvious. Waxing is aimed at protecting the finish of your car. On the other hand, polishing is done to make the surface of your vehicle shiny. Waxing protects your car’s finish through silicones, polymers, and wax resins. Keep in mind that waxing can’t make your car’s surface shiny.  

Shiny is Clean 

Of course, you might be deceived easily by a shiny car. You might think that it is clean. However, a shiny car surface can still be dirty. Touching the surface of the car is the only certain way to tell if it is clean. The body will be as smooth as glass if done properly. Else, you will feel tiny bumps. Before you apply polish or wax, you can utilize a clay bar to get rid of stuck dirt.  

Washing and Clean is the Same 

For those who don’t know, washing is the $15 service that leaves the exterior of your car sparkling. Car cleaning is more detailed. It costs more and it takes a lot of time. Car cleaning focuses on stubborn and interior stains. Also, car cleaning should be done a couple of times in a year. 

Dishwashing Detergent is an Ideal Option 

A lot of people do not seem to get this, even though this myth has been pointed out a couple of times. So, to make things easier for you, dishwashing detergent is a strong washing option. Aside from getting rid of the oil, grease, and dirt, it also gets rid of the polymer that protects your car’s finish. 

You Can Wash a Car Anytime 

Though you can wash your vehicle at any time of the day, you can’t do that anytime. Your car will be heated if you left it parked in the sun or just driven it. Because of this, water will dry up faster. This leaves stains.