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Servicing & Maintenance

Heat Pump Installations Ltd are fully qualified to service and maintain all types of air to water heat pump systems and air to air (air conditioning) systems. We specialise in Daikin, Mitsubishi and Samsung systems and are able to diagnose and repair these systems as well.

Air to water and air to air systems are electro-mechanical devices which require regular annual servicing to maintain efficiency and performance. If you fail to maintain these systems you will invalidate any manufacturers warranty (as regular servicing is a pre-requisite of the continuation of any warranty agreement). These systems will in most cases last up to and over 20 years if regularly maintained and is the only true way to protect your investment (there are heat pump systems still in operation that were installed in the 1980's thanks to continual maintenance!). Daikin, Mitsubishi and Samsung all endeavour to keep spare parts for their systems for a minimum of 15 years to this end, and this is why they are our brands of choice.

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