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How does it work

The air conditioning cycle deals with heat transfer. In cooling the cycle absorbs heat energy via a chemical substance called ‘refrigerant’ that circulates through two heat exchangers in an evaporation and condensation cycle, rejecting this heat to outside in the same way that a refrigerator works. In heating the same cycle is used but works in reverse to absorb heat energy from outside and reject that heat energy to inside, because the refrigerant used boils at -55°C it can absorb energy in the form of "superheat" and works down to -15°C. This system (if sized correctly can still heat a room to 30°C even at -15°C ambient. 

The system can control each area independently and for this reason requires a fan coil unit be placed in each space. If you wish to control the temperature of a group of rooms to the same level (ie. all bedrooms in a house, you can use a large concealed ducted type system which blows air in to each room and extracts from each room or a central area (ie. from the landing). 

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