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High Temperature Heat Pump

There are very few true high temperature heat pumps and at present only Daikin make one that can do 80°C. This is our product of choice for retrofit direct replacement for a conventional system.

How Does a Daikin High Temperature (HT) system work?

An air source heat pump uses refrigerant that boils at -55°C, the outdoor unit passes the outdoor air across a coil filled with this refrigerant, so when the outdoor temperature is as low as-15°C we can absorb 40°C of heat energy (this is a similar process to that of a fridge in reverse, so instead of absorbing heat from inside it takes it from outside and instead of transferring  it to the back of the fridge, it passes it to the second half of the system) . This is then taken through a second heat exchanger with another refrigerant system which boils at -40°C, allowing us to absorb up to 80°C of heat which can then be transferred to the water to be distributed around the house, or through the coil in the direct hot water cylinder. There is no difference in flow temperature between this and a conventional boiler, so you can use standard radiators (or Victorian column style rads if you wish) with no drop in performance. The hot water can also be stored up to 80°C! There is no better system on the market at the moment and Daikin are the only company to perfect the true HT system with others only managing 65°C! It will even operate down to -20°C if needed for peace of mind. The system can also come with optional 2-stage 6kW backup heater again for peace of mind or in the unlikely event of a system failure.

In Daikin's own words:

"Thanks to the cascade technology of Daikin Altherma HT, a temperature of 80°C can be reached without an additional electric heater. Daikin Altherma HT can be configured for use in both new and refurbishment applications, and connects to standard high temperature radiators. If you already have a heating system, there is no need to change your heat emitters".


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