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Manor Way Industrial Estate, Manor Way, Woking, Surrey

Apple Acre, Woking, Surrey December 2007

This project was coincidentally the catalyst for the formation of Heat Pump Installations Ltd.

Apple Acre is a new build project undertaken by an owner who was intent on installing a ground source heat pump in his new 450 sq.m luxury home. He had been staggered by the cost of a GSHP scheme – not only the cost of the GSHP itself but also the add on costs of ground excavation and laying in of pipework (£10000 approx) as well as the need for a 3 phase electrical supply at a quoted cost of £19000 from the local electricity company. This was relayed in a chance conversation with Peter Cunningham (neighbours) who had noted the recent arrival of Air to Water Heat Pumps manufactured by DAIKIN the International Air Conditioning Company. Peter asked the owner to hold back from proceeding with a GSHP until he could investigate the suitability of ASHP. The product indeed proved to be eminently suitable and the project was commissioned in August 2008. The owner was grateful to us for “saving the day” as well as capital costs in excess of £30,000 and of course reduced operating costs. As a result of this opening opportunity and the obvious future potential of ASHP the joint venture HEAT PUMP INSTALLATIONS LTD was formed in January 2008.

The installation at Apple Acre was successfully commissioned in August 2008 and is operating well.

Client Mr & Mrs Bishop
Developer/Contractor: Andrew Adams Developments Ltd
Architect: Edwards Irish Partnership