Things You Miss When Cleaning the Bathroom

A couple of spots get missed even if you thoroughly clean your bathroom like a professional and everything appears clean. Even the squeakiest bathroom has hidden germs and dirt, from things you might not think to clean to those hard-to-reach spots.  

If you don’t want to hire professional Aberdeen residential cleaners to clean your bathroom, here are a couple of things that you shouldn’t miss when cleaning: 

Exhaust Fan 

Since it is usually up high in your ceiling, it is simple to neglect cleaning the exhaust fan. You allow dust to accumulate if you neglect cleaning the exhaust fan. Since the moist air stays in the bathroom, you can end up with mildew and mold issues and the fan becomes less efficient.  

Always turn on the exhaust fan when you bathe or shower if you want to get rid of any mold-causing moisture. You need to let it work for 20 minutes after you’re done. 

Bathroom Window Tracks 

Perhaps you clean it once in a while if your bathroom has a window. Dead bugs, grime, and dirt can accumulate in the window tracks. If you want to get those tracks clean, a scrub brush does an excellent job. Also, a Q-tip can help you clean hard-to-reach spots. Then, you can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of loose dirt. You also have to utilize a non-toxic cleaner to eliminate it if you see any indications of mildew and mold.  

The Toothbrush Holder 

Perhaps you haven’t cleaned the toothbrush holder for quite some time. Of course, you ensure you rinse the toothbrush after using it. However, if you don’t clean the holder, it can still be filled with bacteria and germs that transfer to your toothbrush. Because of this, you need to use a small brush to give the toothbrush holder a good scrub. This will help keep bacteria at bay. After cleaning it, you can disinfect it as well. Before you store your toothbrush again, you should let it dry.  

Behind the Toilet 

It’s vital to clean the inside and outside of your toilet. However, have you ever considered the hard-to-reach spot behind the toilet? Simply think about the dirt, dust, and hair. Your kids might even leave a mess behind it. You should stop neglecting this spot and give it a cleaning to prevent foul smells. To reach the area behind the toilet, you can utilize a microfiber mop. This will help get rid of all the buildup in that area. You can complete the task by spraying a lot of disinfectants. 

The Trash Can 

You probably regularly rinse out your trash cans every time you take out the trash. However, have you ever considered cleaning your bathroom trash can and disinfecting it? A lot of bathroom trash cans sit near the toilet. Thus, they’re vulnerable to a lot of bacteria and germs. You should scrub the bathroom trash can in the tub the next time you clean the bathroom. Use hot water when rinsing it. Then, use disinfectant to get rid of the germs.